Performance | 31.8.2018 | 8:00 pm | Admission by donation


"The age difference may seem a little strange ... but this is the dance."

KÅNKEN, a physically demanding choreography of SweetDream's collective, in which two dancers take on the challenge to defy time and age. The age difference of 30 years between the dancers completes the challenge. 
This piece is a physical dance and movement performance in which the boundaries of the past and the future are shaken up, age is thrown away and time like sand disappears while the moment remains.


Workshop | Natural Dyeing: Magic of Flowers | 2.9.2018 | 40 Euro

Healing and Coloring Plants are everywhere, even near you.Do you know their name and ability? How are they heal and tint? What would be your own print?
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Workshop | 3-
day clay sculpture workshop  
TWO SPOTS LEFT, request and registration:

Fri 26.10.2018 6:00 pm to 21:00
Sat 27/10/2018 18:15 11:00 -
Sun 28/10/2018 11:00 to 18:15

Teacher: Tímea Oravecz

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Exhibition | Li Linhui: X-Park | 18-23.9.2018 | Vernissage: 18.09, 7PM

Once serene, 
the river of X-Park.
Once blossoming,
the flowers of X-Park.
Once pure,
the images of X-Park.

In the works of Linhui Li (1990, Urumqi), there is an ambience of nostalgia. It may be the use of film cameras or the process of how Li realises her photographs. X-Park is a series of performance-cum-photographic works that has developed into public parks in Urumqi, her childhood parks. Her photographic style shares similarity with Poetic Realism .... (Read more)

Community | Lunch | 2.9.2018 | 1:00 pm | Free

 (Communal / Shared Lunch) is a regular free event happens every Sunday in the studio. The concept is to invite our neighbors or anyone to share their favorite dish with us.

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  Community Screening | A Cambodian Spring (2016) | Documentary | Christopher Kelly    Coming soon

Community Screening | A Cambodian Spring (2016) | Documentary | Christopher Kelly

Coming soon

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