b. 1986, HK.

In 2017, artist Alice Kahei Yu and graphic designer Dio Lau co-founded Prenzlauer Studio / Kunst-Kollektiv in Berlin, Germany, hoping to experiment and carve out a new form of artist-running studio merging with the community. The arts/project space is non-funded, non-commercial and entirely independent.

Prenzlauer Studio is an international artist collective currently consisting of oil painter, ceramist, installation artist, graphic designer and curators. Together we work and share a studio space on the ground floor at the junction of Winsstraße and Chodowieckstraße, in the centre of Prenzlauer Berg.

The word “individual” comes from medieval Latin "individualis", meaning “indivisible, inseparable”. We believe that working as a collective is a way to pursue a new form of “individual”. By sharing ideas and thoughts, we hope to bring new discussions to the area and our space. We believe that different artistic minds, use of media and approaches can co-inspire and become interdependent, in a new form of collaboration and togetherness. 

Prenzlauer Studio is a collective space growing in an organic and diverse manner. We thrive through an ideal of openness to the community that we are in, believing that artists and audiences alike are crucial to relevant discussions across subjects. In this participatory approach, the space also changes, expanding its programme to new forms and explorations of the arts, politics and community. Therefore we are fully embracing our ever-changing habitat.

The programme includes exhibitions, workshops, classes, talks, performances and other art and cultural happenings, always open to experimentation. We also have routine studio events such as regular life drawing every Tuesday evening, communal lunch every other Sunday, monthly performance Musical Pie by Barnaby Tree, on and off music improvisation session and open studios.

In this project, we focus on respect for the community’s network, organising various activities under the premise of the historical and local context of the region. We seek to avoid artists or art groups from invading or interrupting the area using funding or other forms of empowerment. We emphasise the rights and wishes of the locals. The role of the artist in this program is to propose ideas, strategies, respond in actions, and integrate with locals. Artists should identify the character of the district in a humble and unassuming manner, to open up a platform of dialogue. Artists and the local parties are learning from each other in relation on an equal basis with mutual respect. We hope all participants in this programme ponder collectively on the possibilities of making a change of daily life with creativity and imagination.

We call in for all artists, curators, initiatives, neighbours and any other like-minded individuals/collectives to take part in this space. We are looking forward to seeing all of you in the future!

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