We are an international artist collective of oil painter, ceramists, installation artist, graphic designer and curator, sharing and working in a project/studio space on the ground floor at the junction of Winsstraße and Chodowieckstraße, in the center of Prenzlauer Berg.


The word “Individual” comes from medieval Latin “individualis”, meaning “indivisible, inseparable”. We embrace working as a collective, sharing ideas and thoughts, and hope to bring them to the area. We believe that different artistic minds, media and approaches co-inspiring and are interdependent. Prenzlauer studio is a collective space growing in an organic and diverse manner.


Exhibitions, workshops, classes, talks, sharings, performances and other art and cultural happenings will be carried out in the space. We also have routine studio events such as regular life drawing every Tuesday evening, communal lunch every other Sunday, Monthly performance Musical Pie by Barnaby Tree, on and off music improvisation session and open studio.


We call in for all artists, curators, craftsmen, writers, thinkers, designers, art and film lovers and any other like-minded individuals/collectives to take part in this space.