Exhibition : Soliloquy
Period : 1st - 14th Feb, 2019
Vernissage : 1st Feb, 2019 (Fr) 19:00
Performance: 9th Feb, 2019 (Sa) 16:00

Opening hours :
Mon-Sat 13:00-18:00 | Sun 13:00-17:00

This exhibition consists of sculptures made with materials, which are brittle, but solid such as egg shells, unburnt soils, plant shells, plasters and soaps. Paintings are also exhibited as a part of Minori Munetomo's works, which have been created since the end of 2017 to present. An original live performance will be held only one time during this exhibition, which is performing with clothes type sculpture.

Soliloquy, which is the theme of this exhibition, has meanings of “Thinking out loud” or “Monologue” by theatrical terms and it also contains an element of “Speaking to oneself with internal voices which spontaneously comes from one’s own thoughts and emotions, yet there are no listeners”.

In the meantime, this exhibition also embraces the idea of ‘Contradiction’, which has been found herself and gradually recognized that she has the aspect of contradiction in her thought, speech and action, as well as having had some chance of being identified by others. This is her principal and can be seen in her style of expression simultaneously exposed in different aspects. The ideas of “Metamorphose”, “Dialogue engaging in the level with no language” form the basis of Munetomo’s artworks. Although she adheres to that they are substances, they are not required to be permanent at the same time. The existence of ‘Colour’ in her works transforms in different ways between the one created by the intentional process and the other created in accordance with “The voice of the gods” like bicameral mind.

Separate behaviours and thoughts always parallel advance while looking sideways at each other, assert themselves and get intermingled. They all occur in one body at the same time and they are released unconsciously. Line up, look at them and observe "The same of different things”. With expression to five senses with materials which have both "Fragility" and “Transformation”, in this exhibition, she will try to touch the chord of emotions and behaviours which are hard to explain but everyone has, confront them and ask you.

Minori Munetomo

Born in Okayama, Japan 1989, lives and works in Berlin. Munetomo obtained her Master of Design in Section of Textile design, Okayama Prefectural University, Japan in 2013. Afterwards, she had studied in Kunstakademie Münster from 2014 to 2016 as a DAAD Scholarship Student for Fine Arts.

She applies performance, installation and sculpture with the keywords of ‘Relationship with others’ ‘Fragility’ and ‘Metamorphose’ to represent her work. Metamorphose melts the borders and brings out a new relationship. Through her form of expression, she wants to evoke and touch on experiences of corporally unconscious memory.



Exhibition : The Dematerialization if Marked
Period : 19th - 25th Oct, 2018
Vernissage : 19th Oct, 2018 19:00

Opening hours : 11:00 - 18:00 

The dematerialization of marked is a solo show proposal rooted in a subjective expression of memory and language Burek's art invite you to take initiative and explore these concepts. She seeks to create a visual representation of memory.

Sandra describes the process of memorizing as an algorithm, where the outcome is often probable and approximate. An algorithm can be implemented in the process of memorizing as a connection of networks, where memory becomes a motion of awareness and concentration. In Burek work, she makes a subjective attempt to illustrate the process of memorizing in abstract drawings and paintings.
The concept of memory and time passing is a common denominator in Burek's work. Her art shows her attempt at visualizing how the passing of time and the impact of nature, affect the circumstances and appearance of an object. Where the object becomes a visual representation of memory and history, of culture, economy and language. She shows how drawing or sculpture can be a tool to express self-knowledge of the world, and of your own individual experience. 

Sandra Burek

Burek produces a variety of works between sculptural objects, artist’s books, drawings and paintings, recently researching programming and experimenting with sound. Burek’s work to seeks to determine visual representations of memory and logic of language. Her research is based on resignation of the presentation of memory itself by reducing it to a simple form. In an artist, assumption memory is comprehended as a motion of awareness and concentration, the language itself no longer exists as a figuration of world or signature stamp upon things, it is context and temporality which create the existential condition of Sandra Burek’s work.
Artist bases her research in a comprehensive investigation of both historical as well as contemporary artists, thinkers and philosophers.


A Chair To Liu Xiaobo via Mo Yan | Meng Huang

Sunday, July 1, 20184:30 pm
Saturday, July 14, 20185:30 pm

This year 13.07 will be the first anniversary of death of Liu Xiaobo, the famed Chinese dissident who was awarded the 2010 Nobel Prize for Peace while imprisoned and whose wife Liu Xia, is still being home arrested in China simply because she's the wife of Mr. Liu Xiaobo.

To raise the world's awareness of Liu's incidents of human right in China, we are having a pop-up exhibition from now on, presenting paintings and video by the German-based Chinese artist Meng Huang (孟煌) : "Empty chair" and the "Naked protest in Stockholm" until the middle of July.


A Chair to Liu Xiaobo via Mo Yan

In March 2011, the German-based Chinese artist Meng Huang (孟煌) shipped a chair via DHL to Liu Xiaobo, recipient of 2010 Nobel Peace Prize serving an 11-year term in Jinzhou Prison in China. According to online tracking, the chair disappeared after it had entered China. Meng believes the Chinese authorities impounded it.

In 2012 Chinese writer Mo Yan won the Nobel Prize for Literature. In October when the prize was announced, Mo Yan told the world press that he hoped Liu Xiaobo would be free soon. That gave Meng Huang another idea: He will ask Mo Yan for help.

On December 5, Meng Huang sent another chair, this time to the Swedish Academy of Letters, asking the Academy to pass the chair on to Mo Yan, ask him to take it back to China, and give it to fellow Nobelist Liu Xiaobo.


I hope you are happy. | Rieko Tsuji

Friday, June 1, 201810:30 AM
Saturday, June 9, 201811:30 AM

Before leaving her home in Japan to study abroad, Tsuji left behind a plant to her family. This living organism became a conduit between Rieko and her family, embedded with hope, love and believe, this organism keeps to grow and - as Tsuji - evolves.

The plant transcends the current social media and instant communication tools for Tsuji and her family. Through a living organism the exchange of love and care can be maintain whilst fulfilling human needs of contact by touch and smell. In the act of interacting and caring for the plant, Tsuji’s family care for her, and feel like so.

This connection and symbiotic existence inspired “I hope you are happy.” where the artist moves through everyday objects resembling them in the search for a material representation of not only this singular connection, but also the representation of what it means to her and her loved ones. This exploration often departs from the artificial and ready-made being after transformed by Tsuji in installations and sculptures.

The artist invites visitor to become part of this communication and the everlasting power of kinship.

Text by Brunno Silva

About Rieko Tsuji

Rieko (born in Tokyo, 1991) received her BFA from photography and contemporary art course of Kyoto University of Art and Design in Japan. Followed by an exchange programme at Zurich University of Arts the artist expanded her knowledge on the fields of video and sound art.
Her growing interest in the ephemeral and the snapshot is present in her recent exploration of sound, smell and performance. Rieko practice is focused on personal narratives where by sharing tales of herself and her immediate family the audience becomes also part of this shared experience, expanding these tales from the personal sphere. The artist also works with sculptural objects that through the use of familiar materials become narratives of kinship and the everyday.

She is currently studying at Bauhaus University Weimar and Global Art Practice MFA program, at Tokyo University of the Arts.


Y-01   Yellow Nose Studio

Friday, February 23, 20187:00 pm
Wednesday, February 28, 20188:00 pm


Sollai Cartwright: New Works

Friday, February 16, 20189:00 AM
Saturday, February 17, 201810:00 AM