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Solo Exhibition : José Luís Couoh Puc


Vernissage : 7th Sep, 2018 14:30

With courtesy of La Comunidad de Yucatan the Mexican painter Jose Luis Couoh Puc is exposing
on Friday 7 September 2018 in Prenzlauer Studio / Kunstkollektiv with 24 paintings/drawings.

The exhibition will open around 14:30 with a small "brindis" (toast) to the artists and we would like all visitors
that welcome the exhibition to participate in it. Jose Luis Couoh Puc is a painter with Maya roots whose paintings have travelled the last 10 years extensively around the world (Amsterdam, New Delhi, Hong Kong, New York, Merida, Palma de Mallorca and Paris). In this exhibition he will be focusing on impressionist and expressionist work that he brought along from Merida, Yucatan. Being very inspired about the German expressionists movement he also tried to make a connection with this work through his own maya roots. Being ancestor of one of the oldest maya tribes of Mexico (the people of Couoh) Jose Luis dedicated a considerable amount of time of his artistic life to painting landscapes from Yucatan using impasta technique. In his drawings he is just lending on characoal and some pencils to create the impossible, working out details that inspire and provoke emotions. According to him every work of art should provoke a kind of emotion, being esthetic, being
a transformation or new interpretation of an experience/emotion, portray, landscape or drawing.

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to Jul 14

A Chair To Liu Xiaobo via Mo Yan | Meng Huang


This year 13.07 will be the first anniversary of death of Liu Xiaobo, the famed Chinese dissident who was awarded the 2010 Nobel Prize for Peace while imprisoned and whose wife Liu Xia, is still being home arrested in China simply because she's the wife of Mr. Liu Xiaobo.

To raise the world's awareness of Liu's incidents of human right in China, we are having a pop-up exhibition from now on, presenting paintings and video by the German-based Chinese artist Meng Huang (孟煌) : "Empty chair" and the "Naked protest in Stockholm" until the middle of July.


A Chair to Liu Xiaobo via Mo Yan

In March 2011, the German-based Chinese artist Meng Huang (孟煌) shipped a chair via DHL to Liu Xiaobo, recipient of 2010 Nobel Peace Prize serving an 11-year term in Jinzhou Prison in China. According to online tracking, the chair disappeared after it had entered China. Meng believes the Chinese authorities impounded it.


In 2012 Chinese writer Mo Yan won the Nobel Prize for Literature. In October when the prize was announced, Mo Yan told the world press that he hoped Liu Xiaobo would be free soon. That gave Meng Huang another idea: He will ask Mo Yan for help.

On December 5, Meng Huang sent another chair, this time to the Swedish Academy of Letters, asking the Academy to pass the chair on to Mo Yan, ask him to take it back to China, and give it to fellow Nobelist Liu Xiaobo.


During the exhibition, there are limited booklets printed with Mr. Liu Xiaobo : My Last Statement : I have no enemy.  that we specially designed for this event and it's totally free for visitors to take it home. Text are in German. 

Curator | Alice Yu
Designer  | Dio Lau

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to Jun 9

I hope you are happy.

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-16 at 10.16.00 (1).jpeg

Artist: Tsuji Rieko - Solo Exhibition
Exhibition: I hope you are happy
Opening event: 1st June, 2018    19.00 Uhr
Period: 1-9th June, 2018

I hope you are happy.

Before leaving her home in Japan to study abroad, Tsuji left behind a plant to her family. This living organism became a conduit between Rieko and her family, embedded with hope, love and believe, this organism keeps to grow and - as Tsuji - evolves.

The plant transcends the current social media and instant communication tools for Tsuji and her family. Through a living organism the exchange of love and care can be maintain whilst fulfilling human needs of contact by touch and smell. In the act of interacting and caring for the plant, Tsuji’s family care for her, and feel like so.

This connection and symbiotic existence inspired “I hope you are happy.” where the artist moves through everyday objects resembling them in the search for a material representation of not only this singular connection, but also the representation of what it means to her and her loved ones. This exploration often departs from the artificial and ready-made being after transformed by Tsuji in installations and sculptures.

The artist invites visitor to become part of this communication and the everlasting power of kinship.

About Rieko Tsuji

Rieko (born in Tokyo, 1991) received her BFA from photography and contemporary art course of Kyoto University of Art and Design in Japan. Followed by an exchange programme at Zurich University of Arts the artist expanded her knowledge on the fields of video and sound art.
Her growing interest in the ephemeral and the snapshot is present in her recent exploration of sound, smell and performance. Rieko practice is focused on personal narratives where by sharing tales of herself and her immediate family the audience becomes also part of this shared experience, expanding these tales from the personal sphere. The artist also works with sculptural objects that through the use of familiar materials become narratives of kinship and the everyday.

She is currently studying at Bauhaus University Weimar and Global Art Practice MFA program, at Tokyo University of the Arts.

Text by Brunno Silva

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to Feb 28



All visual people - Eyes open, be curious as usual. Look at those beautiful objects we always love. But this time - Relax, and take a deep breath. Feel those energetic particles coming through your nose. In this 'anything might be everything' space, it’s all about experiencing fine pieces of art from all senses, about merging imaginations and utilities, dreams and realities. 


To learn more about Yellow Nose Studio, please followhttps://www.instagram.com/yellownosestudio/

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to Feb 17

Sollai Cartwright : New Works


Come and share an evening to celebrate Sollai Cartwright's sculpture, of Art, light and form.

These sculptures are just some of the pieces going to exhibit at Art Central Hong Kong, the Centenary Opening for Australia House, London and to a solo show at MARS gallery, Melbourne Australia.

This show is to give back to Berlin for the inspiration and amazing artistic community found here.

We look forward to welcoming you for a glass of wine and a tour of Sollai's work.

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6:30 PM18:30

“The Nervous System” | Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles


“The Nervous System” is a Berlin TestLab run by Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles.

The project mobilizes The Nervous System as a relational, aesthetic and political concept. We envision The Nervous System as Mediatecture, as Baudelaire’s Flâneur: a shape-shifting mediation; where mediation is body, plasticity, craft. We think of The Nervous System as a set of transient edges, impulses and withdrawals that shape a particular body, sociality or interdependency. We work with social mediation in real-time, where instant contact is instant displacement, where being here is being elsewhere. We expose our edges to the familiar and the unfamiliar, the local and the foreign; to what composes and decomposes our sense of self. We craft the tensions between opposites as nerves and affects that slip us into wonder. As a project, the Nervous System is an invitation to become somebody else (not necessarily human). 

This project is supported by FabLab Berlin and by The Hoffmitz MIlken Center for Typography, H_M_C_T

ArtCenter: http://www.artcenter.edu/
H_M_C_T: http://hmctartcenter.org/

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