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Solo Exhibition : José Luís Couoh Puc


Vernissage : 7th Sep, 2018 14:30

With courtesy of La Comunidad de Yucatan the Mexican painter Jose Luis Couoh Puc is exposing
on Friday 7 September 2018 in Prenzlauer Studio / Kunstkollektiv with 24 paintings/drawings.

The exhibition will open around 14:30 with a small "brindis" (toast) to the artists and we would like all visitors
that welcome the exhibition to participate in it. Jose Luis Couoh Puc is a painter with Maya roots whose paintings have travelled the last 10 years extensively around the world (Amsterdam, New Delhi, Hong Kong, New York, Merida, Palma de Mallorca and Paris). In this exhibition he will be focusing on impressionist and expressionist work that he brought along from Merida, Yucatan. Being very inspired about the German expressionists movement he also tried to make a connection with this work through his own maya roots. Being ancestor of one of the oldest maya tribes of Mexico (the people of Couoh) Jose Luis dedicated a considerable amount of time of his artistic life to painting landscapes from Yucatan using impasta technique. In his drawings he is just lending on characoal and some pencils to create the impossible, working out details that inspire and provoke emotions. According to him every work of art should provoke a kind of emotion, being esthetic, being
a transformation or new interpretation of an experience/emotion, portray, landscape or drawing.