Next Performance : Moffett + Henkel/Müller/Wassermann/Wong
8th October, 2018 20.00 - 22.00

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Joe Moffett - Trumpet


Brad Henkel - Trumpet
Matthias Müller - Trombone
Ute Wassermann - Voice & Objects
Eric Wong - Guitar

Joe Moffett approaches his solo work with an ear toward how silence and inaction affect those things that are sounded and made present. Utilizing the trumpet in non-traditional ways, and often deconstructing it, he is interested in creating an inner monologue for the instrument that would not normally be heard. The listener is invited to enter uncertain ground where forms appear and disappear, and swaths of sound arrive and dissipate in unpredictable ways.

His first official solo release, More of It and Closer, will be out on Tubapede Records in the fall of 2018.

Joining the evening will be quartet of Brad Henkel on trumpet, Matthias Müller on trombone, Ute Wassermann on voice and objects, and Eric Wong on guitar. The local Berliner group create an intricacy of sound with unconventional approaches to their instruments.

Admission by donation.

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