Workshop: Introduction to Art Therapy (24.3.2019) Tickets Available Now

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There’s so much more to art therapy than colouring books or mandalas! Not only is art therapy a gentle way to increase your wellbeing and reduce stress, it also enhances your creativity and self-awareness. Imagination, spontaneity, curiosity and playfulness are all developed through the processes of art therapy.

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Date: Sunday, 24th March
Time: 1pm - 3:30pm (2.5hrs)
Location: Prenzlauer Studio / Kunst-Kollektiv
Winsstraße 42, 10405 Berlin, Germany
Fee: 35€ inclusive of materials
You can purchase your tickets here:

Maximum number of participants: 12

In this workshop you will gain an understanding of what art therapy is through hands-on art making experientials.

You will learn the difference between art therapy and therapeutic art.
You will learn techniques for releasing the stress of the day and use art to get centred.
You will also learn a surprising technique on how you can use art as a way to gain more insight into a dilemma or problem you would like to solve.

Art therapy isn’t about learning technical art skills but rather about learning to express yourself freely and to use art in a personal way to gain more insight. For that reason no art skills are required and we will be using basic materials.

I aim to create a safe and judgement-free environment where sharing and discussing our personal image-making is encouraged as it adds a lot to the experience of the group. However, know that you will not have to share if you do not feel like it.

What’s included

  • All materials are provided

What to Bring

  • openness and curiosity

Reviews from previous participants:

“The teacher created a very comfortable and non-threatening environment that invited group members to contribute to discussion and share their personal stories. It was very informative and a great introduction to art therapy.” - Dannii

“I learnt the difference between therapy art and art therapy. Importantly the process is the key not the quality of the output. Reflection on the process and product can generate ways of expressing a dilemma/issue/emotion through metaphor that could not be done through other forms of communication. The format allows people to open up and be frank about sensitive issues in their lives.” - Roger

You can purchase your tickets here:
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About Rachel

Rachel is an art therapist, photographer and artist coach. She holds an Advanced Diploma in Art Therapy from Australia and has previously worked as an art therapist in social organisations in the field of mental health recovery and family and carer education and support.

She is especially passionate about encouraging self-expression and creative thinking as a way to enhance personal wellbeing and happiness.


3-tägiger Workshop für Tonportraitskulptur mit Modell

(English below)

Anmeldeschluss: 1. Mar 2019
| Nur noch wenige Plätze zweii ! |

Fr 15.3.2019 18.00-21.00
Sa 16.3.2019 11.00-18.15
So 17.3.2019 11.00-18.15

Lehrerin: Tímea Oravecz

* Der Kurs wird auf Deutsch und Englisch durchgeführt.
* Materialien und Werkzeuge werden zur Verfügung gestellt.
* Am Freitag werden wir mit den größeren Proportionen des Portraits beginnen, dann am Samstag werden wir mehr an den Details arbeiten und am Sonntag machen wir dieSkulptur fertig.

Kursgebühr: 130 Euro

Adresse: Winsstraße 42, 10405 Berlin



3-day clay portrait sculpture class with life model

Registration Deadline: 1. Mar 2019
| Only few spots left ! |

Fri 15.3.2019 18:00-21:00
Sat 16.3.2019 11:00-18:15
Sun 17.30.2019 11:00-18:15

Instructor: Tímea Oravecz

* The Class will be conducted in German and English (Our teacher, Tímea, is also an Italian and Hungarian speaker)
* Materials and tools are included
* On Friday we will start with the basic structure and proportion. On Saturday we will work on the facial and body detail features, and on Sunday we will bring it to finish.

Fee: 130 Euro

Address: Winsstraße 42, 10405 Berlin